Smart Ownership Opportunity in Lonavala is selling fast!

Luxury Villas with Private Pools at ₹30.96 Lakhs*
with zero maintenance* fees and a special discount of ₹54,000
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The smarter and more modern way to own holiday homes

Get all the perks of being an owner without the stress of being one


Curated Properties

Our team has curated a list of the most beautiful holiday homes for every type of family. We ensure that each home ticks all the boxes of a great location, and best-in-class amenities and is modern, homely yet economical.


End-to-End prop management

Right from keeping the bed ready to cleaning the pool, we completely manage your property so you can savour all the benefits of owning a holiday home with no management fuss.


On-demand services

We help make your stay memorable in every possible way. Our wide range of services helps plan parties, decor, or any other requirements during your stay.


Zero maintenance

ALYF’s smart models give you assured property ownership with zero maintenance*, making this the best way to invest in a holiday home.


Smart-Investment benefits

As a legal owner, you gain benefits from both capital appreciation and rental yields.


Access your home at your fingertips

We offer the highest levels of personalized service, and our tech platform allows complete control of your home at your fingertips.

What we offer

ALYF brings you the opportunity to own fully furnished and managed holiday homes at the best possible price. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from the two models we offer